Recent additional signatories include:

Alfie Kohn (Author and Lecturer);

Robin Alexander (Fellow of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge);

Noam Chomsky (Institute Professor, MIT, rtd);

Juergen Boehm, President of German Realschul- Teacher Association;

Paweł Kasprzak, OFF-Foundation, Poland;

Toshihiko Mogi, Head of Research Institute of Democracy and Education, Japan;



Dear Dr. Schleicher:

We write to you in your capacity as OECD’s director of the Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA). Now in its 13th year, PISA is known around the world as an instrument to rank OECD and non-OECD countries (60+ at last count) according to a measure of academic achievement of 15 year old students in mathematics, science, and reading. Administered every three years, PISA results are anxiously awaited by governments, education ministers, and the editorial boards of newspapers, and are cited authoritatively in countless policy reports. They have begun to deeply influence educational practices in many countries. As a result of PISA, countries are overhauling their education systems in the hopes of improving their rankings. Lack of progress on PISA has led to declarations of crisis and “PISA shock” in many countries, followed by calls for resignations, and far-reaching reforms according to PISA precepts.

We are frankly concerned about the negative consequences of the PISA rankings. These are some of our concerns:

-while standardized testing has been used in many nations for decades (despite serious reservations about its validity and reliability), PISA has contributed to an escalation in such testing and a dramatically increased reliance on quantitative measures. For example, in the United States, PISA has been invoked as a major justification for the recent “Race to the Top” program, which has increased the use of standardized testing for student-, teacher-, and administrator evaluations, which rank and label students, as well as teachers and administrators according to the results of tests widely known to be imperfect (see, for example, Finland’s unexplained decline from the top of the PISA table);

-in education policy, PISA, with its three-year assessment cycle, has caused a shift of attention to short-term fixes designed to help a country quickly climb the rankings, despite research showing that enduring changes in education practice take decades, not a few years to come to fruition. For example, we know that the status of teachers and the prestige of teaching as a profession has a strong influence on the quality of instruction, but that status varies strongly across cultures and is not easily influenced by short-term policy;

-by emphasizing a narrow range of measurable aspects of education, PISA takes attention away from the less measurable or immeasurable educational objectives like physical, moral, civic, and artistic development, thereby dangerously narrowing our collective imagination regarding what education is and ought to be about;

-as an organization of economic development, OECD is naturally biased in favor of the economic role of public schools. But preparing young men and women for gainful employment is not the only, and not even the main goal of public education, which has to prepare students for participation in democratic self-government, moral action, and a life of personal development, growth, and well-being;

-unlike United Nations (UN) organizations such as UNESCO or UNICEF that have clear and legitimate mandates to improve education and the lives of children around the world, OECD has no such mandate. Nor are there, at present, mechanisms of effective democratic participation in its education decision-making process;

-to carry out PISA and a host of follow-up services, OECD has embraced “public-private partnerships” and entered into alliances with multi-national for-profit companies, which stand to gain financially from any deficits—real or perceived—unearthed by PISA. Some of these companies provide educational services to American schools and school districts on a massive, for-profit basis, while also pursuing plans to develop for-profit elementary education in Africa, where OECD is now planning to introduce the PISA program;

-finally, and most importantly: the new PISA regime, with its continuous cycle of global testing, harms our children and impoverishes our classrooms, as it inevitably involves more and longer batteries of multiple-choice testing, more scripted “vendor”-made lessons, and less autonomy for our teachers. In this way PISA has further increased the already high stress-level in our schools, which endangers the well-being of our students and teachers.

These developments are in overt conflict with widely accepted principles of good educational and democratic practice:

-no reform of any consequence should be based on a single narrow measure of quality;

-no reform of any consequence should ignore the important role of non-educational factors, among which a nation’s socio-economic inequality is paramount. In many countries, including the United States, inequality has dramatically increased over the past 15 years, explaining the widening educational gap between rich and poor which education reforms, no matter how sophisticated, are unlikely to redress;

-an organization like OECD, as any organization that deeply affects the life of our communities, should be open to democratic accountability by members of those communities.

We are writing not only to point out deficits and problems. We would also like to offer constructive ideas and suggestions that may help to alleviate the above mentioned concerns. While in no way complete, they illustrate how learning could be improved without the above mentioned negative effects:

-develop alternatives to league tables: explore more meaningful and less easily sensationalized ways of reporting assessment outcomes. For example, comparing developing countries, where 15-year olds are regularly drafted into child labor, with first world countries makes neither educational nor political sense and opens OECD up for charges of educational colonialism;

-make room for participation by the full range of relevant constituents and scholarship: to date, the groups with greatest influence on what and how international learning is assessed are psychometricians, statisticians, and economists. They certainly deserve a seat at the table, but so do many other groups: parents, educators, administrators, community leaders, students, as well as scholars from disciplines like anthropology, sociology, history, philosophy, linguistics, as well as the arts and humanities. What and how we assess the education of 15 year old students should be subject to discussions involving all these groups at local, national, and international levels;

-include national and international organizations in the formulation of assessment methods and standards whose mission goes beyond the economic aspect of public education and which are concerned with the health, human development, well-being and happiness of students and teachers. This would include the above mentioned United Nations organizations, as well as teacher, parent, and administrator associations, to name a few;

-publish the direct and indirect costs of administering PISA so that taxpayers in member countries can gauge alternative uses of the millions of dollars spent on these tests and determine if they want to continue their participation in it;

-welcome oversight by independent international monitoring teams which can observe the administration of PISA from the conception to the execution, so that questions about test format and statistical and scoring procedures can be weighed fairly against charges of bias or unfair comparisons;

-provide detailed accounts regarding the role of private, for-profit companies in the preparation, execution, and follow-up to the tri-annual PISA assessments to avoid the appearance or reality of conflicts of interest;

-slow down the testing juggernaut. To gain time to discuss the issues mentioned here at local, national, and international levels, consider skipping the next PISA cycle. This would give time to incorporate the collective learning that will result from the suggested deliberations in a new and improved assessment model.

We assume that OECD’s PISA experts are motivated by a sincere desire to improve education. But we fail to understand how your organization has become the global arbiter of the means and ends of education around the world. OECD’s narrow focus on standardized testing risks turning learning into drudgery and killing the joy of learning. As PISA has led many governments into an international competition for higher test scores, OECD has assumed the power to shape education policy around the world, with no debate about the necessity or limitations of OECD’s goals. We are deeply concerned that measuring a great diversity of educational traditions and cultures using a single, narrow, biased yardstick could, in the end, do irreparable harm to our schools and our students.


Heinz-Dieter Meyer (State University of New York)
Katie Zahedi (Principal, Linden Ave Middle School, Red Hook, New York)


Signatories as of May 4, 2014:

Andrews, Paul- Professor of Mathematics Education, Stockholm University

Atkinson, Lori – New York State Allies for Public Education

Baldermann, Ingo, Professor of Protestant Theology and Didactics, Universität Siegen, Germany

Ball, Stephen J. – Karl Mannheim Professor of Sociology of Education, Institute of Education, University of London

Barber, Melissa – Parents Against High Stakes Testing

Beckett, Lori – Winifred Mercier Professor of Teacher Education, Leeds Metropolitan University

Bender, Peter – Professor, Fakulty of Elektrotechnik, Informatik und Mathematik, Universität Paderborn, Germany

Berardi, Jillaine – Linden Avenue Middle School, Assistant Principal

Berliner, David – Regents Professor of Education at Arizona State University

Bloom, Elizabeth – EdD, Associate Professor of Education, Hartwick College

Boland, Neil – Senior Lecturer, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand

Boudet, Danielle – Oneonta Area for Public Education

Burchardt, Matthias – Academic Council; Society for Education and Knowledge, Vice-Chair, Cologne University, Germany

Burris, Carol – Principal and former Teacher of the Year, Co-Founder of New York Principals.

Cauthen, Nancy – Ph.D., Change the Stakes, NYS Allies for Public Education

Cerrone, Chris – Testing Hurts Kids; NYS Allies for Public Education

Ciaran, Sugrue – Professor, Head of School, School of Education, University College Dublin

Conneely, Claire – Programmes Director, Bridge21, Trinity College Dublin.

Danner, Helmut – Private Docent, Nairobi, Kenya

Deutermann, Jeanette – Founder Long Island Opt Out, Co-founder NYS Allies for Public Education

Devine, Nesta – Associate Professor, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Dodge, Arnie – Chair, Department of Educational Leadership, Long Island University

Dodge, Judith – Author, Educational Consultant

Farley, Tim – Principal, Ichabod Crane School; New York State Allies for Public Education.

Fehlmann, Ralph – Coordinator, Forum for General Education, Switzerland

Fellicello, Stacia – Principal, Chambers Elementary School

Fleming, Mary – Lecturer, School of Education, National University of Ireland, Galway

Fransson, Göran – Associate Professor of Education, University of Gävle, Sweden.

Giroux, Henry – Professor of English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University

Glass, Gene – Senior Researcher, National Education Policy Center, University of Colorado at Boulder.

Glynn, Kevin – Educator, co-founder of Lace to the Top

Goldstein, Harvey – Professor of Social Statistics, University of Bristol

Gorlewski, David – Director, Educational Leadership Doctoral Program, D’Youville College.

Gorlewski, Julie – PhD, Assistant Professor, State University of New York at New Paltz

Gowie, Cheryl – Professor of Education, Siena College

Greene, Kiersten – Assistant Professor of Literacy, State University of New York at New Paltz

Gruschka, Andreas – Professor, Educational Sciences, Goethe Universität Frankfurt, Germany

Haimson, Leonie – Parent Advocate and Director of “Class Size Matters”

Hannon, Cliona – Director, Trinity Access Programmes, Trinity College Dublin

Heinz, Manuela – Director of Teaching Practice, School of Education, National University of Ireland Galway

Hoefele, Joachim – Department of Applied Linguistics, University for Applied Sciences, Zurich, Switzerland

Hopmann, Stefan Thomas – Professor, Institute for Educational Sciences, Universität Wien

Hughes, Michelle – Principal, High Meadows Independent School

Jahnke, Thomas – Institute of Mathematics, Universität Potsdam, Germany

Jury, Mark – Chair, Education Department, Siena College

Kahn, Hudson Valley Against Common Core

Kastner, Marie-Theres – President of League of Catholic Parents, Germany

Kayden, Michelle – LOTE Teacher, Linden Avenue Middle School Red Hook, NY

Kempf, Arlo – Program Coordinator of School and Society, OISE, University of Toronto

Kilfoyle, Marla – NBCT, General Manager of BATs

Kissling, Beat – Psychologist and Education Science, Gymnasium and University Instructor, Zürich, Switzerland

Klein, Hans Peter – Chair, Didactics of Bio-Sciences, Goethe Universität Frankfurt

Kraus, Josef – German Teacher Association, President, Germany

Krautz,Jochen – Professor, Department of Art and Design, Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Labaree, David – Professor of Education, Stanford University

Lankau, Ralf – Professor, Media Design, Hochschule Offenburg, Germany

Leonardatos, Harry – Principal, High School, Clarkstown, NY

Liesner, Andreas – Professor, Educational Sciences, Universität Hamburg

Liessmann, Konrad Paul – Professor, Institut für Philosophie, Universität Wien

MacBeath, John – Professor Emeritus, Director of Leadership for Learning, University of Cambridge

McLaren, Peter – Distinguished Professor, Chapman University

McNair, Jessica – Co-founder Opt-Out CNY, parent member NYS Allies for Public Education

Meyer, Heinz-Dieter – Associate Professor, Education Governance & Policy, State University of New York (Albany)

Meyer, Tom – Associate Professor of Secondary Education, State University of New York at New Paltz

Millham, Rosemary – Ph. D., Science Coordinator, Master Teacher Campus Director, SUNY New Paltz

Millham, Rosemary – Science Coordinator/Assistant Professor, Master Teacher Campus Director, State University of New York, New Paltz

Oliveira Andreotti, Vanessa – Canada Research Chair in Race, Inequality, and Global Change, University of British Columbia, Canada

Mitchell, Ken – Lower Hudson Valley Superintendents Council

Mucher, Stephen – Director, Bard Master of Arts in Teaching Program, Los Angeles

Naison, Mark – Professor of African American Studies and History, Fordham University; Co-Founder, Badass Teachers Association

Muench, Richard – Professor of Sociology, Universitaet Bamberg

Nielsen, Kris – Author, Children of the Core

Noddings, Nel – Professor (emerita) Philosophy of Education, Stanford University

Noguera, Pedro – Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education, New York University

Nunez, Isabel – Associate Professor, Concordia University, Chicago

O’Toole-Brennan, Kathleen – Programmes Manager, Trinity Access Programmes, Trinity College Dublin

Pallas, Aaron – Arthur I. Gates Professor of Sociology and Education, Columbia University

Parmentier, Michael – Museum Pedagogy, Göttingen, Germany

Peters, Michael – Professor, University of Waikato, Honorary Fellow, Royal Society New Zealand

Pongratz, Ludwig – Professor, Institute for Pedagogy, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Germany

Pugh, Nigel – Principal, Richard R Green High School of Teaching, New York City

Radtke, F.O. – Professor (em), Education Sciences, Goethe-Universitaet Frankfurt

Ravitch, Diane – Research Professor, New York University

Reitz,Tilman – Junior Professor, Sociology, Universitaet Jena

Rekus, Juergen – Institute for Vocational and General Pedagogy, Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT), Germany

Rivera-Wilson, Jerusalem – Senior Faculty Associate and Director of Clinical Training and Field Experiences, University at Albany

Roberts, Peter – Professor, School of Educational Studies and Leadership, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Rougle, Eija – Instructor, SUNY Albany

Rudley, Lisa – Director: Education Policy-Autism Action Network

Saltzman, Janet – Science Chair, Physics Teacher, Red Hook High School

Schirlbauer, Alfred – Professor, Institute for Education Sciences, University of Vienna, Austria

Schniedewind, Nancy – Professor of Education, Suny New Paltz

Schopf, Heribert – Professor, School of Pedagogics and Education, Vienna, Austria

Silverberg, Ruth – Associate Professor, College of Staten Island – CUNY

Sperry, Carol – Professor of Education, Emerita, Millersville University

Sjøberg, Svein – Professor (em), Science Education, University of Oslo, Norway

Spring, Joel – Professor, Education Policy, City University of New York

St. John, Edward – Algo D. Henderson Collegiate Professor, University of Michigan

Suzuki, Daiyu – Teachers College at Columbia University / Co-founder Edu 4

Swaffield, Sue – Senior Lecturer, Educational Leadership and School Improvement, University of Cambridge

Tangney, Brendan – Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin

Tanis, Bianca – Parent Member: ReThinking Testing

Thomas, Paul – Associate Professor of Education, Furman University

Thrupp, Martin – Professor of Education, University of Waikato

Tobin, KT – Founding member, ReThinking Testing

Tomlinson, Sally – Emeritus Professor, Goldsmiths College, University of London; Senior Research Fellow, Department of Education, Oxford University

Tuck, Eve – Coordinator of Native American Studies, State University of New York at New Paltz

VanSlyke-Briggs, Kjersti – Associate Professor, SUNY Oneonta

Vohns, Andreas – Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, School of Education, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

Wilson, Elaine – Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Wittmann, Erich – Professor of Mathematics Education, Technical University of Dortmund

Wrigley, Terry – Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Ballarat, Australia

Zahedi, Katie – Principal, Linden Ave Middle School, Red Hook, New York

Zhao, Yong – Professor of Education, Presidential Chair, University of Oregon


Bogdanov, Alexander – Ph.D., Teacher of Mathematics and Physics, Ricarda Huch High School, Brunswick, Germany
Böhm, Jürgen – Vorsitzender des Verbandes Deutscher Realschullehrer

Brell, Andrea, Studiendirektor, Herder-Gymnasium Minden

Brinkmann, Malte- Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, General education/philosophy of education, Institute of Educational Studies

Dammer, Karl-Heinz, Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg

Damtsheuser, Axel; teacher at Melanchthon-Schule Steinatal, Hessen, Germany

Dartenne, Corinna Maria, Academic Assistant, Leuphana University Lueneburg

Gerwig, Mario, Vorstand des Vereins LEHRKUNST, Switzerland

Graupe, Silja, Chair of Economics and Philosophy, Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences

Greve, Astrid, OStRin, Evangelisches Gymnasium Siegen

Hackl, Bernhard, Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil., Institut fuer Schulpaedagogik, Universitaet Graz, Austria

Hedtke, Reinhold – Bielefeld University, Faculty of Sociology

Heuck, Matthias, Lehrer, Darmstadt

Kammasch, Gudrun, Professor, Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin

Lind, Georg, Professor (em) University of Konstanz.

Maset, Pierangelo, Professor, Institut für Kunst, Musik und ihre Vermittlung, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

Meidinger, Heinz-Peter – Vorsitzender des Deutschen Philologenverbandes

Scheurl, Walter, 1. Vorsitzender des Vereins “Wir wollen lernen!”, Hamburg

Schwaetzer, Harald, Kueser Akademie für Europäische Geistesgeschichte, Bernkastel-Kues

Sowa, Hubert, Professor, Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg, Fach Kunst

Uhlig, Bettina – Stiftung Universität Hildesheim, Institut für Bildende Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft

Von Garrel, Magda, Sonderpaedagogin und Autorin, Berlin



  1. Gerardo Barboza

    Translation of the “Open letter to Andreas Schleicher, OECD, Paris” into Spanish language may be found at

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    1. openpisaletter Post author

      Gerardo, thank you! The Spanish translation is up on a link on the site. Can I credit you? Thanks, Katie Zahedi


  2. Dario Valencia-Restrepo

    PISA is not interested in art. But In his work Republic Plato refers to an education based in art, a question very will discussed later, in 1943, by Herbert Read in his important book Education Through Art. Creativity is crucial and it is very well related to the integration of perception and sensitivity, two attributes of the artist. Education should awake and develop these qualities in our children and young people.

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  3. psw260259

    I am signing this letter because I am against any testing for pre school children, and testing of school age children to gather statistics which are flawed by the systems behind then,, and almost impossible to use fairly to compare due to differences in ages in any group of children, their life experiences to date, what they have been taught in terms of preparation for tests and in terms of national curriculum.

    I am against testing and comparing as a parent, a grandparent, a registered childminder and a core member of the Save Childhood Movement Early Education group here in the UK.

    I can not think of a single reason why these tests and comparisons are carried out – there certainly do not provide any worthwhile data to support the best interests of the children – and if we carry on as we are, tests results and comparison tables will become more important that childhood and will therefore ultimately destroy not only childhood but the very thing that makes us who we are – unique individuals all with our own strengths and areas that we are still developing.

    As someone who was deemed ‘a failure’ through testing before adulthood – I can testify that all is not ‘lost’ if you fail tests during your pre school or school years. Neither did my so called failure mean that my school was at fault, that my peers did not succeed (some did, some didn’t during their formal school years – but most went onto lead successful lives). What it means is that we are all unique and we all learn in different ways and at different times – a one size fits all system does not work for small numbers within a family – it does not work in individual settings or classrooms, it does not work in individual schools, and it certainly does not work for whole countries, nations or the world – so; Why test? Why compare?

    We need all sorts of skills to make a society, and not all of those skills can be taught and not all of those skills can be tested.

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    1. phyllismurphy

      Schools out of control especially with idiot Arnie Duncan, Chicago geek loved by Obama and did not help Illinois schools which he and Chicago weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers cooperated on in pushing Common Core Marxist Agenda of brain washing all children around the world, a systematic dumbing down forgetting the most important factor that each child is unique and that should be the power point and the basis established in education of our future, our beautiful children…this is evil!


  4. María

    PISA is a test, and meassures only a few aspects of learing. But it gives us a good idea of what students are able to do in the test, with what they have learned in school, and not only in school. The tables with the description of levels of performance are a good instruments as a basis to plan teaching strategies and goals of achivement. Besides, the test activities give good ideas of contexts and situations wher to apply mathematical and scientific knowledge. You, people, that criticizes PISA, have you ever seen far from the list of countries and the media score? PISA is a lot more than that, and what you are not mentioning is really useful. Maybe you are only thinking in the OECD and the rest of institutions involved, I am thinking on teaching and learning and I have another opinion. Countries can do what ever they want with PISA, they can use the results to refection or they can try to go up in the ranking. It is their choise. Do not kill the messanger, use it for your benefit or do not use it.


    1. Marlis Krichewsky (@MKrichewsky)

      The problem is too much focus on too narrow a set of competencies. Of course education providers can use Pisa as they like, but experience shows they have the dangerous tendency of producing only what is measured and what is measurable. And they are in general obnubilated by rankings, competition and purely economic performance. PISA (like OECD) favors this attitude.


  5. Edwinivich

    How does the EXXon commercial go? “When you take a look at the best schools in the world, you see they have one thing in common…” Yeah, they don’t attempt to educate EVERY KID! What would PISA stats look like if you compensated for that? How is it that public schools in America LOCATED IN AFFLUENT NEIGHBORHOODS equal or outperform their world rivals?


  6. Johne551

    This is one awesome blog post. Keep writing. cbkccfbkdeae


  7. Debra Srogi

    Debra M. Srogi, activist and mother. What I really want to know is this: If you support all this testing of our children, why aren’t your children subject to the same tests? If you believe in the validity of these tests, you would insist that your children take them!!


    1. phyllismurphy

      Oh no! These evil elitist’s children all go to the best private schools the world has! Rest of humanity considered peons to be systematically brain washed and denigrated and slopped in to the muddy waters of a Castro like Marxist enslavement of the masses with the few idiots at the top controlling everything like the kings and queens they set themselves up to be!


  8. Mary

    How will the ideals of democracy be transferred to youth and next generations if free thinking is eliminated from the school places. How will the ideals of equality of basic human rights, life , liberty, and the pursuit of happiness be transferred to our children if our children are bullied by billionaires promoting secret tests that judge the children and limit their liberties to show their abilities. The standardized, one size fits all, future is chilling to an advancing mankind. It is the wirst tactic of control. Such a throng toward testing reduces humanity to more base forms of existence. Reforms and evaluations of diverse substance need to be given a chance to work as research shows such diversity will work over time. I am saddened by the lack of humanity usurping education–the seat of democracy. Speaking for NYS, I wish we could recover the “lost” standards and give the teacher evaluation plans previously implemented the time to work. We must keep teaching about personal attention for all involved.


  9. blogletteraturacapuana

    My name is Lucia and I am a teacher of English as Foreign Language in an Italian “Liceo”. I am very much involved in the capaign to spread awareness about the PISA-OECD standard testing, which in Italy is known as INVALSI, as a matter of fact I have written a couple of posts in Italian on this topic.
    That is why I am especially thankful to you for this open letter.

    It is finally producing a world wide debate on the issue of the standardized tests meant to measure the unmeasurable and which has been considered, for too long, as an unquestionable must by many governments to compete in the insane race of ranking first place in education regardless of the students’ needs and the many different peculiarities of each country in the world.

    I have subscribed the letter and have written an Italian translation that you can find in my blog, I would be greatly honoured if you should choose to publish it on your site alongside the other translations, so as to give me the opportunity to give the cause my personal contribution.
    Lucia R. Capuana


  10. Alina Krößer

    My name is Alina Krößer, I am 17 and a student at a „Gymnasium“ in Bavaria, Germany. I read an interview from professor Heinz-Dieter Meyer in the „Spiegel“ Newspaper from the 16 May 2014 about PISA and saw the Open Letter to Andreas Schleicher in the Guardian. I was glad to see adults speak out against PISA and call attention to the situation of the students. We students are the ones affected by the decisions which people are making over our heads. Politicians think they know how it works or should work at school and what is good for us students. But their decisions are based on tests like PISA. They should also ask for the opinion and experiences of students, because we are the ones who do things daily related to school.

    I am tired of getting judged by grades and points! We are told that performance, grades, points are more important than decent behavior. If we students, trimmed on performance, come suddenly into the working world, we do not know how to act in a community, because it never mattered to pass.

    Instead, every year we have to do heaps of tests and assessments and as this would not be enough stress and pressure, we also have to do the PISA test to get worldwide reduced to points/ grades/ statistics. These are only important for the government to get good PISA results, so the country can increase its reputation world wide. They do not care about the rising burn-out rates at school, caused by the pressure to perform!

    After we leave the primary school nobody looks after the development of the personality of the student. Things like helpfulness, responsibility and international understanding are
    Disregarded. Moreover personal interests, strengths and the creativity of the students are neglected.

    The Open Letter also doubts if the results of the PISA studies from Shanghai, Lichtenstein and Singapore are a good gauge for other countries. I doubt the results of the test, too, because I am studying at a high school in New Zealand for five months. New Zealand was in 2004 at the third place of the PISA country comparison. In my experience the circumstances in tests are completely different from Germany. For example, the 12th grade New Zealand math lessons I am currently taking are similar to 9th grade German math.
    Also, it would never be possible in Germany for students to take the same test on different dates, which allows students to exchange information among themselves and use them later in their assessment. They also use things like a graphics calculator in math here, which is not allowed in Germany. Therefore the circumstances are different and if the prerequisites are not the same, it is not possible to compare the results of the countries!

    Alina Krößer (17, student in Germany, currently New Zealand)

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